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Autumn/Winter 2016 wraps us in warm and chilly sensations of crunching golden leaves beneath your feet,

snowflakes falling like ice-kissed butterflies, cuddling up in a luxurious knit next to a warm,

crackling fire while frosty motives spread on the windowpane.

Inspired by the ambience of this season, the DEPECHE. Autumn/Winter collection 2016 is all about

expressing yourself and being true to who you are. Living in a fast-moving pulsating daily life, it has become

even more essential for the real life woman to find her inner self and dare to show who she really is.

Each snowflake is unique just like you. Whether your style is classic and retro, casual chic or sporty with a twist

of street, the diversity of the DEPECHE. collection combining luscious colours, intricate patterns and beautiful

structures gives you the opportunity to express the true you.



Dare to be Genuine

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